Tuesday, May 3, 2011


"I do not like when one speaks of the Chanel fashion. Chanel is above all a style.
 Fashion passes, style remains." 

“Fashion passes, style remains…”
This simple statement captures the essence of her revolutionary contribution to culture. 
CHANEL continues, after almost a century, to inspire women of all ages all over the world with its timeless modernity.
From the little black dress to the tweed suit, the quilted handbag to the two-tone shoe and camellia brooch, the perfect red lipstick and the world’s best-selling fragrance 
tN°5, the list of CHANEL’s innovations is unparalleled. 
CHANEL has continued this glorious heritage of creation, playing fearlessly with Coco’s radical legacy, offering a vision for the future of the House that is as memorable as  its past.

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